A century ago, Protestants and Baptists controlled the public school system and wanted to use that control to force Catholics among others to attend the public school system with mandatory attendance laws.  In Pierce v. Society of Sisters (1923), the Supreme Court stopped the mandate.  The public schools still had the exclusive right to tax everyone to only fund their schools, giving them a heavy financial advantage.  Catholics wanted to run their own school system and wanted school choice to acquire their own educational tax money back.  

This desire of these Christian sects to control everyone by taking parental rights away in education, which in effect teaches many aspects of world view, including religion, political, economic, science, equality, liberty, sexuality, history among many others, back fired roughly 50 years ago with a large move to liberal secularism.  Suddenly parents of all these religious sects started a major increase in private religiously based schools and now are crying for school choice. 
Whenever there is a system that has these kind of major controls over 90% of children, every group will fight to have influence on this control.  THIS CONTROL BELONGS TO THE PARENTS.  Statist and liberals have overwhelming won this battle over control and have access to 90% of children to indoctrinate. Parents must give up a highly valued public benefit of a government funded education in order to regain their control of worldview.    


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