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Higher education is very important and most of those who achieve greater levels of education experience enriched lives, both monetary and personally.  

Many believe it best for society to have greater numbers of citizens achieve a high level of education. Haley2024 the Movement supports, relies on, encourages and promotes greater amounts and higher levels of education. 

Free enterprise has proven in all areas of economy to achieve results far superior to those of socialism or economic fascism.  Based on the principals in Haleynomics and using Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRAs), the college and university system will transition to free enterprise.  

Using Statism organizations, those who wish to stay with high levels of socialism or other statism control may join higher education statism organizations that will ensure their education.  

Many higher education CRAs will join with Financial CRAs to develop partnerships to allow the greatest amounts of students to achieve education.  All higher education CRA's will partner with a wide range of CRA's in various sectors to achieve the best results. Many models, polices, share loans, partnerships, etc. will be tried, continuously improving higher education as a result.
The Transition
Once this bill is passed, the government will create a publicly traded corporation for each college. At the beginning, the government will be the sole owner of all stocks. Each month they will have to price the stocks to sell off an additional one percent of the college. As long as the government owns the stocks in the colleges, each legislator will have voting rights for a percentage of the stocks that the government owns. 

These legislators will have to go through Corporate Proxy Groups thus giving a buffer of conflicts of interest. All taxes supporting higher education will be eliminated and every college will have to price what the market will bear. Colleges will likely partner with banks for long term student loans or share loans. The private sector will work out the details. 
Funds from selling the stocks of the colleges will first account for debt realized from the current system and then the rest will act as a base of capital deposited in the highest rated financial institutions dealing in student loans.    


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