When government takes greater control of an aspect of life that individuals and free enterprise use to control people turn to trying to control politicians so as to have their preferences become law.  The free enterprise system creates a system where everyone controls their own decisions therefore lowering the need for controlling politicians.      
The proper campaign finance reform is simply to give politicians less control over things that can be done in the free market.  Haley2024 reform on competitive regulatory agencies dramatically increases what the free enterprise can accomplish with the greatest liberties. 

Free speech is highly important and should never be limited outside of taking others liberties away.  Inciting violence and libel are two common limitations on speech because that speech infringes others liberties and rights.  There are some that claim that too much money in politics by the rich increases their influences on politicians therefore reduces the non-rich.  There is unquestionably that effect and it is detrimental to good government.   

Trying to stop someone from getting their message out is very problematic because there are so many ways to do accomplish that task.  If government limits how much someone can give a candidate, they could give to a political party, a P.A.C., an advocacy group, buy an ad directly or many other methods.
One method seldom used but could bypass most extremely restrictive laws is that one could sign up to be a write-in candidate  and run unrestrictive ads as a candidate stating they do want votes and they get their message out.  When people are eager to get their message out, people will find a way.  If government chased every new way out by an ever growing restrictions by law, liberty would be greatly infringed.    

Some people advocate partial or full public financing of elections.  I believe this comes with much danger and the negatives far outweigh the positives.  First, coming from someone that will most likely be outspend in my quest for the nomination by double digit multiples, the outside PAC and advocacy groups will not be able, nor should they be, from heavy spending.   Second forcing people though taxes to support candidates that have views contrary their own is very problematic.  The rich have many ways to show support to candidates to influence them on policy.  If the law stops one way others will develop.  Again, having the law chase every new way of influence will greatly inhibit liberty.    

The Haley2024 Plan
Haley2024 the movement calls for all candidates to move to campaign competitive regulatory agencies (CRA’s) for campaign regulations and the bureaucracies that follows.  Candidates would be mandated to choose a CRA and state on all campaign material the CRA they are in and their ratings.  Voters will look at their ratings as part of their assessment of the candidate.


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