Over the years the government has grown too large.  Bureaucracy leeches onto every aspect of our lives, government spending crowds out private spending, and the free market is far from free.

This movement is not about progressing the federal government slower than the Democrats or removing a few regulations. It is about turning government power to the people in a truly innovative way. No one person has the knowledge or experience base to know how to run the government in the best way possible. In this structured system, the private sector absorbs much of the current responsibilities of the government. Government spending will be roughly 28% of the current amount.  The other 72% will still be spent however in the private sector in a structured system.  Haley2024 is that structured system.


Anyone who loves liberty and believes that the United States of America is going down the wrong path should invest their time and treasure in restoring the freedom God blessed this country with.  I, Bill Haley, am doing my part by starting a movement; Haley2024.  Haley2024 is well defined by privatizing Social Security, transportation, health care, welfare, education and bureaucracies.  Regulations would come from the private sector with mandatory ratings.  Roughly 72% of government spending (federal, state and local) will be taken away from government control.   Haley2024 creates a structure in the private sector that allows for greater results compared to government control.

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    Bill Haley

    Bill Haley started this Haley2024 in the spring of 2013 in an effort to do his part of restoring freedom to America.


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