Every able body person needs to help with the public good of securing our freedom from foreign and domestic threats and creating a rule of law.  Second as a compassion society, everyone should contribute to helping those most in need.  On both fronts, there would be a 5% tax with a minimum of $1,500 (2015 dollars) on everyone 13 years of age and older. The minimum and possibly more of this minimum could be fulfilled with real labor from the individual.    
Everyone would have the option to volunteer three hours per week, in which  to satisfy the $1,500 minimum tax (150 hours a year). Wide latitude will be given to the military and first responders on how to best use volunteer hours.  The $1,500 minimum charity requirement could also be satisfied with 150 volunteer hours. People could negotiate to do all there hours in rule of law or charity.  People could also work ahead in their productive years so as not have this requirement when elderly.  
These hours would be monitored and rated by Competitive Regulatory Agencies (CRA’s), Charitable Distribution Associations (CDA’s) and Rating Agencies. Real and valuable labor will be ensured by CRA’s and CDA’s chasing the best ratings because citizens will demand highly rated organizations to donate, purchase, do business with or otherwise associate themselves with.  

The youth will began their volunteer hours at the age of 13 with likely training, apprenticeship, and other business/volunteer models that also result in real help being done as one builds their human capital to be of greater help in the future.  Some of the major fields would be nurse’s aide among other in the medical field.  There would be police and fire ‘assistance’ course so volunteer hours in those fields would be of great help in the future.  Military, forestry, among a wide variety of charity related fields would have training for the youth to have the much greater value in in volunteer hours in the future.   
The elderly do lose some productive value with age, however there would be people working for CDA’s among many others that would specialize in fully utilizing the great value and wisdom of the elderly.  One of the elderly’s greatest needs is to be ‘needed’ and they truly have much to give.  Many elderly could be bused to a school to help teach children or teach those going through technical school from their life time of experience.  Mentoring among other ways of instilling one’s human capital to the next generations is of great value.  The rating system, being very dynamic, will understand the limitations of people with disabilities and rate accordingly to gain and optimize the value of volunteer hours.  
Volunteering though one’s job could be a very highly rated endeavor if done right.  People through their work place could do extra work without pay to fulfill their volunteer hour requirements.  Often, one’s job is where they maximize their value in serving others.  CRA’s in all sectors would be seeking high ratings on how they help in charity and ‘first responder’ endeavors.  Whether your employer does direct work in these areas or just transfers the money earned to other endeavors, one’s workplace is where most people utilize their training and capital to best serve others. CRA’s, CDA’s among others will be very dynamic in these areas and requiring very dynamic rating agencies to fully realize the value being offered.   
The greatest benefits of the two $1,500 minimums equaling $3,000 is the fact that everyone should contribute at least a minimum to the two greatest benefits, protection and charity.  Second, this minimum also greatly reduces the percentage rate of the tax/ charitable donation needed to fulfil these two needs.  Higher tax rates creates higher disincentives of creating income (serving others and creating jobs) in the first instance (Laffer Curve).    

Currently elected officials lack the knowledge, experience or personal interest needed to fully understand the overwhelming power they have.  Voters lack the knowledge to fully understand how much quality each candidate has in all the areas they have the power over.  This very rational ignorance of the voter’s knowledge of candidates is profound. 
The solution is to diversify representation greatly.  This is done by dividing up responsibilities.  Switching from representation by geographic areas to individuals picking their representatives and that representative’s voting strength is based on how many of those they represent.  Rational ignorance is solved by voting for an organization that you agree with, which does in-depth research in to candidates.  There is also an element of using price to acquire the best talent for a job.   
Perhaps the greatest power a Politician has is the power to regulate.  Huge amounts of campaign money flows to politicians that can help them or harm their competition with regulations.  A politician could not possibly know the smallest fraction of the detail of all the industries that they regulate.  CRA’s first separates all the sectors of the economy and then allows businesses to pick which private sector regulatory agency will regulate them.  Standards will improve with businesses protecting their brand and chasing high ratings.    
Every person picks a rating agency that they agree with and has their trust. That pick gives real power to that rating agency.  These ratings, while often is just mandatory information on products, which is powerful, often mitigates negative externalities outside the transaction or to the broader public.  While current regulations and standards are often quickly outdated or ‘gamed’, these new Ratings System will be necessarily dynamic, changing quickly as new technologies emerge, companies ‘gaming’ the system and among other challenges.   
There are many ways to help those in need.  Politicians create one way in which the government helps.  The necessarily static way government helps is doing great harm.  The help needs to be dynamic.  However dynamic though, there are still different philosophies of helping the poor.  Every person will determine which CDA they will contribute their money or volunteer their time too.  Those that contribute to a CDA have voting power to pick the leadership of their CDA.  CDA's leadership will have real power.
Many programs currently controlled by government will be turned over to the private sector and many required to be in publicly traded corporations.  Representation will be within proxy groups created to deal with the rational ignorance issue of corporate elections.  People will be able to easily turn over the proxies they own to groups they trust to elect people to run the companies they own though stocks.  
There are some that want government to ‘take care of them’. They believe they government should provide them a job, a house, food, clothing, a living wage, health care among many other ‘needs’.  Anyone could join a group and the group would be self sufficient.  All the people that join a statism organization are said to be just as or more intelligent and caring as those within free enterprise, create your utopia. Representative elected by the members of the groupwould set the rules, benefits and responsibilities?  Every person would be able to pick which if any Statism Organizations they wish.  
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