There are good arguments to have certain things done at different levels of government. The same concerns should not be in different levels of government, with most concerns returning to the free enterprise system.  Foreign policy and the military should be a national government level so that all of America can show a united force and speak with one voice. 
People often say 'better state than federal and better local than state'.  Haley2024 promotes that they are all government and the private sector is the best for most concerns.  While different localities could do things differently, giving people the ability to move to a more conducive location; should you be forced to move to get your way on a certain policy?  You also have to consider that wherever you move you have to take the whole package of policies in that city of state.  Moving away from ‘Home’ is also a particularly difficult burden as well. 

When you are living in a city, state and nation that allows most decisions to be in the free enterprise system through CRA’s and other policies of Haley2024, you get to live where you want and pick your preferences in many sectors government current controls.  You and all others living around you have the individual options to be a socialist or capitalist in any sector of the economy you wish.  There would be many CRA's controlling in different ways from heavy control to very little libertarian type of control.  Everyone choices for themselves.
Outside of foreign policy and military, state and city should take care of policing violent crime, leaving nonviolent crimes to CRA’s judicial authority.  The State and cities would monitor CRA’s and the transition of much of their responsibilities to the free enterprise system.  These government’s main power over these CRA’s would be mandating certain minimum ratings on items that effecting people outside the transactions of member of the CRA’s and the consumers such as pollution.  


05/16/2016 11:42am

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