I firmly believe that no race of people are better in terms of DNA.  Every person of every race or gender has great and powerful inherent worth.  Every person is made in the image of God.  The big difference of the outcomes of the races when it comes to education, earnings, family life among others is ideas, philosophy, values and viewpoints. 
The philosophies of liberty and protection of rights have made America, an exception to the world.  While the four points below have certainly harmed the white populations as well the black populations, the black population has certainly suffered more.  The solution is to teach better ideas and values to replace the harmful ones.
Government currently plays a negative role by trying to ‘solve’ these problems by government control.  I truly believe that the ideas in Haley2024 The Movement will, over some time, solve these problems.  The largest problem and the ongoing cause of more problems is broken families.       
Oppressive Mentality
When stereotyping whites, police, businesses and government as oppressors, this group inculcates their children with the mentality of victim-hood and ‘not having a chance’. THAT OPPRESSED INCULCATION IS THE TRUE OPPRESSION.  
  A small child holds a sign saying ‘Don’t Shoot’ and sees their parents and neighbors holding others signs about police hunting them down to shoot them.  Over the years, they are fully convinced that cops are the enemy, that WANTS to gun them down, so when they do something foolish, as all kids do, and encounter the police, they decide to fight for their lives.  They will often end up dead or in prison for what started as a minor mistake.
Government Education
Government is spending about $900 billion on education (all three levels).  That is about $8,000 per household per year for life.  This spending gives government very heavy control of education.  This obviously means the parents have less control.  Often government schools are failing or just teaching a world view that is hostile to that of the parents.  
Parents, students and the schools lack the freedom to do things better or switch to another school that is getting better results.  There are many reasons why government schools fail and yet stay open.  In free enterprise, failing schools go out of business and properly empowered parents choose better schools.  Yes, current government education policies harms families of all races, however inner city black families are injured the most. 
BLOG: •The role of prices are highly valuable to achieve the proper levels of goods and services. Prices are also the best way to distribute the goods and services.
Individuals or organizations helping people out is a great thing to do.  Government doing so does much more harm than help.  The structure of that help is very important.  It is hard work and takes Godly wisdom to truly help bring people to independence.  Government’s hard and fast rules of when to give help does great harm as people put themselves in that position of need, to get benefits.  
Government welfare has resulted in a greater rate if fatherless households.  In the black communities, the rate of broken families has reached high levels.  While fatherless homes always harm children, it is amplified when large neighborhoods have very little examples of healthy marriages and father figures.  Government welfare encourages broken families and groups them together creating great harm.   
Cheapening Life
Unfortunately, there are many people that talk about alive human babies as an ‘IT’.  People get desensitized to the fact that lives are sacred and extremely valuable. When life is less valuable to you, you do not find it important to sacrifice for others in their time of need.  
This manifest itself in violence and not caring for others.  The high respect for life is the most important thread in the fabric of society.  The long list of leaders and supports of Planned Parenthood has a very racist past and thus located the majority of their ‘clinics’ in black neighborhoods.  It is highly unfortunate that they have succeed in killing and devaluing human life in inner city black populations.        
Self-Government means that people take care of themselves.  We only turn over to government a very few things that only government can do.  Haley2024 shows many ways that many current government functions can and should be free enterprise endeavors.  The more government does for the people, the less self-governance they have.  
The more government provides for a person; the more government has control over that person.  The greater control government has over a person, the greater the potential for oppression.   While I list the four large issues, lets understand that there are many others such as high tax rates, regulations and other attempts of government’s ‘help’ and protection.    


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