Drilling U.S. Oil Is Pro- Environment
Oil is constantly seeping out of the ocean floor at rates we current do not know.  Oil is very old ‘dead stuff’ from thousands of years ago.  There is similar stuff that currently coats the bottom of the ocean from recent ‘dead stuff’.   Oil is made from organic material under pressure for thousands of years. It is natural for it to make its way back to the bottom of the ocean and has always been part of the water make up. 
At different times, depending on many factors such as plate tectonics, different amount of oil mixes with the water.  The ideal amount cannot be determined, however I do believe in not increasing how much mixes with the water because too much in one spot can be very detrimental.
I believe that technology derived over the last 70 years and greatly since 2010 Deep water Horizon issue has made drilling very safe.   We have to get our oil somewhere and America simply has the highest standards for safety.  The less we get from our on shores, the greater amounts will be needed from countries with lower safety standards, thus creating greater risks. 
On top of greater risks of drilling, there is added risk of shipping the oil to our shores.  The Exxon Valdez oil spill was from an oil tanker and did damage in Prince William Sound when it ran ashore and oil spilled oil.  only two large Oil spills in about 70 years against thousands of oil rigs and tanker trips is a testimony of our safety. 
In 2015 we have better standard than ever before and always increasing our knowledge on better standards.  Since the time the world began using oil in large amounts about 100 years ago, the economic benefits of oil has allowed the world to have far greater environmental standards and the resources to clean many polluted areas.  Studies have overwhelming showed those countries using the greatest amount of oil has the cleanest environments and best able to handle natural climate variations. 
Drilling For Oil Is Pro-Economic Growth
  Quite simply oil is a commodity that is in demand worldwide.  There is a certain amount of labor needed to collect and transport the oil.  Where ever the oil is collected, the jobs will be created.  Greater economic growth always pulls people out poverty.
A simple supply and demand analysis will show how labor rates will rises when supply of jobs rise, bringing economic prosperity and opportunity to the areas that collect the oil.  Again Oil is demanded across the globe, if we have some in our area, it makes sense to bring the jobs and cleaner environment that comes with greater prosperity to our area.   
Energy from drilling transforms work like this to a far better work with a much better standard of life.
Drilling US oil is Pro-US Security
Many places that have oil around the world are hostile to their neighbors and to America.  Quite simply the more we in America collect from our own territory, the less is demanded from hostile countries. 
The greater amount of energy that is produced overall, the lower the overall cost of oil, simple supply and demand.  Many countries had hostilities in their own countries when oil prices spiked up in 2009-2012.  These hostilities are never good for America for many reasons that are too numerous to go through here.  Two major benefits deriving from peaceful countries is that they make better trading partners and have less violent extremism in their countries.    


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