To have a wide perspective on how to rate capabilities, Haley2024 calls for a 5,000 person military rating system organized similar to Competitive Regulatory Agencies; Each rating team will be at least 5% and no more than 20% of the system (people).  

This spreads the power and greatly reduces corruption.  Haley2024 calls for 2,000 to be from those federally elected and 1,500 from those state elected.  1,500 would come from the normal rating system.  

The 2,000 federal would be broken down by the following:  2 from every congressmen (870), 7 from every senator (700), 10 from every Supreme Court justice (90) and 340 from the president. 

The 1,500 people appointed by elected state officials would be broken down by the following.  Each governor would receive 10 (500), the first nine members of the state’s highest court would receive 1 (450), 7 senior members of the majority party and 4 senior members of the minority party in every state’s senate (550).  

The regular rating system where every registered voter chooses what rating agency they trust, will proportion out the last 1,500 military capabilities personnel.      Blog:
 CRA's and Rating Leadership as Representatives
Rating agencies of this size and diverse number of people appointing, would be very hard to corrupt.  Every member would serve at the pleasure of the elected official that appointed them.  


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