When congress authorizes the use of force under their declaration of war authority or a full declaration, they need a system of checks and balances.  There needs to be a way to limit the president's authority so as not allowing the president to go out of the attended scope.   
When a president cannot get the current congress to authorize force somewhere, the president should not be allowed to hunt though all the previous authorizations or declarations to find one that could stretch to include his current desires.  
Spreading the power
Congress should attach to any authorization or declaration a thirteen person panel to have authority to declare an end to the authorization or rule when the president goes outside the attended scope.  This panel would also within reason expand the scope to match the situation. 
 If the panel declares the war over, the president loses his power and could on occasion call for a re-authorization.   The thirteen are picked by congress to match the percentages of their parties in congress.  Laws, authority and policies will be created to achieve the result of all military officers  respecting the authority of this accountability board above the president if they rule the president went outside his authority.  


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