Socialism has never been tried by completely volunteer means.  A major factor in socialism's failed attempts is that so many did not want it.  Millions were killed resisting it.  What if you had a choice?  What if others were not forced into it?


Insurance Has Certain
Aspects of Socialism

 Insurance has some aspects of Socialism.  The risk is shared among everyone.  The cost is not evenly spread out across all people however.  The rich buy more expensive homes, cars, life and health insurances.  The difference comes in when that additional cost brings in more benefits. 
Statism could work like insurance or like socialism.  The big benefit in insurance is the free market in which each individual has the free market option of which insurance they buy.  Note: Government regulations have ruined many good free market aspects of health insurance as to render it not insurance.   


There would be many statism models tried in the free market.  Human resources CRA’s could set a guarantee job system in many different ways.  When there is a voluntary system, these CRA’s would be forced to compete with others.  Business owners will determine if the extra restrictions on that employee is worth the benefits of that employee compared to others.

Health Care

There are many ways for health care systems to operate.  Many statism policies have been tried around the globe.  The best chance that statism has to work is in a competitive system.  That sound contradictory, however different insurance CRA’s could go full Socialist or many variations of it. 
But let them try for those that wish to be in the system.


There lies in the heart of many, that housing should be right.  If that describes you, then you would have several options within statism housing CRA’s.  On the payment side, some could take a straight dollar figure or a percentage, (straight percentage or a progressive percentage).  Then on the benefit side, the statism organization would own a certain amount of houses around the country and would provide one for you.  Many variations would emerge and the best would have a chance if freely chosen.  


We currently have socialism in education in the public school system.  While that will always stay an option, many other statism models would emerge along with free enterprise.  All educational options have the best chance of working when freely chosen. 


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