My plan is to give all illegal immigrants two months to leave without prosecution. This does not give them the right to stay, just that the US will not bring charges for these two month.  If illegal immigrants are still here after this two months, then we bring the full weight of the law.  Deportation and fines will be instated on those without proper authorization.
The legal path needs to be fixed for easier access to people of high skill, high morality, and a high work ethic. My reforms will go a long way in stopping those that just want welfare and helping those that want to work.
With so many people wanting to come into the United States, we have the abaility to only allow those that will make America better.  There is always a balance of having too many coming in too fast or not having enough.  For those that do not make the cut, the government will allow massive amounts of immigration to the pockets of freedom.
The federal government allows state and local police to help enforce most laws and should allow these police officers, perhaps with additional training to help ICE agents apprehend anyone in the country outside the law.  In addition, just like bounty hunters for people not appearing in court, the same should be allowed for those in this country outside the law.  These bounty hunters would have to go through training and would be monitored to ensure abuse is limited.  Illegal immigrants will have to pay a fine which gives the money for the bounty.     
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Birth right citizenship should only be relevant for those children born in which their parents are citizens or in certain level of progress of earning citizenship.  The law should also further limit family chain migration and after greater back ground checks.  Once Pockets of Freedom are established and a person from one of these, has established a track record of assimilation and good behavior, the immigration laws should transition to pulling more people from Pockets of Freedom.          


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